2016 5th Annual Caramel Apple Ride! Saturday September 10th

Hey … Just a quick reminder to sign up for the Caramel Apple Ride! The ride is coming up on Saturday September 10th starting in Sauk Centre.

Here’s a link to get more info and to register for the ride… http://lwtrails.com/caramelapple/

The ride is a fun ride from Sauk Centre to Melrose and Osakis. And of course all the rest stops will have ice water and fruit including caramel apple slices along with special Apple treats!

Come and enjoy the great weather and the beginning of the Fall color season in Central Minnesota! Fall is one of the best times to enjoy the Lake Wobegon Trail … the weather is a little cooler and bugs are less active and of course the colors are spectacular with all the Summacs, Maples, Aspen, Ash, Birch, Oaks, etc providing a wonderful palette of colors to enjoy.

There’s also lots to do in the area over the weekend….

Sauk Centre will be holding it’s Grillin’ ‘n Chillin’ event on Saturday afternoon with a BBQ contest, arts and crafts vendors and live music for your enjoyment. For details check out the website at: http://www.saukcentrechamber.com/events/details/grillin-chillin-bbq-cook-off-09-10-2016-1280

Osakis has their fall community festival happening all day. Activities in the Quilt’s On The Trail event and Panther Distilleries “Moonshine Madness” promotion where you can sample Minnesota produced whiskey, gin and bourbon including “Minnesota 14″ a successor to the original “Minnesota 13″ whiskey made popular in Prohibition days in the 1920’s. For more information go to the website at: http://visitosakis.com/event/moonshine-madness/

There’s also an outdoor concert in Albany MN on Saturday with Country Music performer Jo Dee Messina along with several other performers. For more info go to http://rocktheprairie.org/

All in all it should be a great weekend in Lake Wobegon Trail Country so come join us and spend the weekend enjoying Fall in Central Minnesota!

Happy Trails!

Cliff Borgerding
Lake Wobegon Trails Association

PS: Check out our websites for more  infromation about the Lake Wobegon Trails System:

www.lakewobegontrails.com … this is our desktop site
www.lwtrails.com … this is our mobile webite

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Trail Detour west of Melrose July 25 & 26th

Trail maintenance update … detour west of Melrose next week. Be aware of the conditions and plan accordingly.

Stearns County Parks Press Release:

Lake Wobegon Trail to be Rerouted

On Monday and Tuesday, July 25 and 26, there will be a short detour on the Lake Wobegon Trail. At milepost 111.5 a culvert is being replaced.

The detour will run from “Memoryville” (just west of Melrose) onto County Road 65 to 365th Avenue. Contact the Park Office for more information … 320-255-6172

Happy Trails!

Cliff Borgerding

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All New Mobile Website – Trail Guide

Be sure to check out the All New Mobile Trail Guide for Lake Wobegon Trails!


Trailhead Information has been expanded to include Osakis, West Union, Bowlus, Blanchard Dam and Hwy 10 Royalton. Each Trailhead now includes a photo gallery of highlights of the area. Special connection maps have been added to Trailheads that have parks away from the trail or additional spurs have been added to the trail. The galleries include more than 100 never before posted images of the trail’s most scenic locations. Community and Historical Links are also added. A New Google Maps Trailhead section that uses the Google API to jump to each trailhead location, add a satellite layer to view surroundings.

Also a great new YouTube Slideshow has been added that you can view at:

Also a new Marker to Marker Slideshow has been reconfigured for mobile devices moving the viewer across the trail terrain to each half-mile marker.

There is also a regional Festivals and Events Directory that is one of the most comprehensive listings of Church Bazaars, Town Celebrations, Music Concerts and more. This is included as many may wish to use the trail to get to crowded overpacked events, and others may wish to avoid rides through such areas on those days.

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Fire Under Schwinghammer Lake Bridge

Over the past weekend on Saturday evening April 30th  someone set a fire under the bridge next to Schwinghammer Lake on the Lake Wobegon Trail.   This was a significant event and caused damage to the under structure of the bridge.  Fortunately it has been determined the bridge is safe to use so the trail is open for normal use after being closed over the weekend between Albany and Avon.

The fire was intentionally set and a $5,000 reward is being offered by the MN State Fire Marshal’s office for information leading to the identification and prosecution of the individual(s) responsibe for the fire.

We’re asking the public’s help in dentifying the individuals responsible for the fire.  If have any information that could help solve this arson fire please contact the Arson Hot-Line or the Stearns County Sheriff’s office.

The fire was likely set around 3-5pm on Saturday April 30th under the bride at Schwinghammer Lake.  If you noticed any suspicious activity near the bridge or know of anyone who was in the area and may have information please report it.

Tipsters may remain anonymous and should report tips to the Arson Hot-Line at 1-800-723-2020.

People with possible information may also call the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office at 320-251-4240 or Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 320-255-1301.

Fortunately Bobby Youngdahl, an active trail user and member of the Central MN Bike Club, was biking across the bridge and notice a whiff of smoke coming from below the bridge.  At first he thought it was just someone smoking under the bride but then decided to go back and double check the site and called 911 to report the fire.  By the time he completed his call about 5:15pm+/- the fire had grown significantly with 2-4 foot flames bellowing out from under the bridge.  The first fire responders were on site by about 5:30pm+/-  Thank you to Bobby for reporting the fire as quickly as he did!

Three fire departments, from Albany, Avon and Freeport, were on the scene battling the fire for over 4 hours before they were able to bring it under control.  The 216 feet of bridge decking is constructed on steel I-beams along with large wood beams treated with creosote which provided fuel for the fire.  The Albany fire department had to return to the scene on Sunday.

This could have been a much more serious fire if it hadn’t be reported so quickly.   The individuals responsible need to be apprehended and made to accept responsibility for their actions. Not only was there serious damge done to the bridge but fire fighters could have been seriously injured fighting the fire.

Please help us solve this senseless crime!

Happy Trails!   Cliff

Cliff Borgerding
Lake Wobegon Trails Association
33504 Shorewood Dr
Avon MN 56310


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2015 Caramel Apple Ride this Saturday September 12 Sauk Centre MN

This is it!  The 4th Annual Caramel Apple Ride will be held this Saturday September 12th and begins in Sauk Centre at the Sinclair Lewis Park.   Check in and registration begins at 8am and the rest stops will be open until about 12-1pm depending on the number of riders and the activity at each rest stop.

To pre-register and for more information about the ride please click the link:  http://lwtrails.com/caramelapple/

The ride will go from Sauk Centre to Melrose and from Sauk Centre to Osakis with rest stops in Melrose, Sauk Centre and Osakis.  Apple Treats will be available at all rest stops along with Apple Juice, water and fresh fruit.

In Melrose you can also choose to ride off the trail to Whispering Oaks Winery and sample some great local wines produced by Chris and Terri Ellering.

In Sauk Centre the 7th Annual Grillin & Chillin Barbeque Cookoff Contest will be held in Sinclair Lewis Park from 10 am to 4pm.  So after your ride you can enjoy great food, great music and lots fo arts and crafts vendors too!

In Osakis you’ll find the Panther Distillery’s Moonshine Madness Day events inlcude whiskey tasting and tours of the distillery itself.  It the first legal distillery in MN in over 150 years!   Learn a little about Minnesota’s “illegal distillery industry” that existed in Prohibition Era from 1920-1933.

Also in Osakis you will find the “Quilts Along the Trail” event held annually to showcase quilts made by Central Minnesota Quilters who enjoy creating these beautiful but functional works of art.

So for a really great weekend of fun on the Lake Wobegon Trail join us for the 4th Annual Caramel Apple Ride!

Happy Trails!     Cliff

Cliff Borgerding
Lake Wobegon Trails Association
33504 Shorewood Dr
Avon MN 56310



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Lake Wobegon Trail Pavement Maintenance Sep 9-11 2015

Lake Wobegon Trail Pavement Maintenance

Maintenance on the Lake Wobegon Trail between St. Joseph and Sauk Centre is scheduled for this week, Wednesday – Friday, September 9 -11, 2015.  Watch for signs; sections of the trail may be temporarily closed.

I am sorry this notice is going out late.  The Stearns County Parks Department notified me earlier this week but I neglected to post it until today.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Happy Trails!   Cliff


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Albany Pedal Bike Heritage Classic: Saturday, August 1, 2015


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Article in St Cloud Times on LWT Blue Heron Rookery

Check out the article about the Blue Heron Rookery on the Lake Wobegon Trail in the St Cloud Times Woods and Water section today.


I took Ann Wessel and Dave Schwartz for hike in the Avon Hills Forest
SNA a couple weeks ago to show them the Blue Heron Rookery I found last year while hiking. They wrote the article and published pictures of our hike.

These beautilful birds are fun to watch. They can be seen hunting fish and other food in area lakes and streams. There was a huge Rookery located between Cold Spring and Richmond for many years until it was abandoned over 20 years ago.

While they are fun and interesting to see they don’t particularly like to have people invading their nesting areas so just satisfy your interest by watching the herons as they fly near the trail or hunt for food at the nearby lakes, ponds, meadows and streams along the trail.

They also hunt gophers apparently as evidenced by this video showing a Blue Heron stalking a gopher and catching it.


Happy Trails! Cliff

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Are you ready? It’s that time of year!

OK Are you ready?

The Lady Slippers are blooming! More to come everyday now… get out and ride!

Just remember we need your support for the Lake Wobegon Trails Association. Please join us for the 4th Annual Lady Slipper Nature Ride on Saturday June 20th.

Ride starts in Avon at the Wobegon Park as part of the Avon Community’s Spunktacular Days activities.

Join us for the fun and enjoy a Lady Slipper Cookie at one of the rest stops!

Go to www.ladyslipperride.com for more details and to register for the ride! Hope to See you on Saturday!

Looking for more infomation about the Lady Slippers on the Lake Wobegon Trail?  Then check out our LWT Lady Slipper Brochure.  It has everything you want to know about Showy Pink and White Lady Slippers!

Happy Trails! Cliff

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Tomorrow Saturday June 13 is the Caramel Roll Ride

It’s going to be  a beautiful day for our 16th Annual Caramel Roll Ride!   Come and join us for “a sweet roll on a sweet trail!”

We think it’s one of the best rides on one of the best trails in Minnesota!  Join us for great ride and enjoy some of the best caramel rolls anywhere!  We have the usual heathy rest stop staples … water and fruit … along with Caramel Rolls and Lemonade!

It doesn’t get much better than this… a fun ride… great trail … good sweet treats!  That’s Lake Wobegon Trails Country hospitality for you!

Hope to  see you there tomorrow… you can register at the event beginning at 8am at the Albany MN trailhead (400 Railroad Ave, Albany MN 56307)

For more details about the ride go to www.caramelrollride.com.  Online registrations closed last night at midnight but you register tomorrow morning and it’s going to be a beautiful day so come and enjoy the day!

Happy Trails!  Cliff


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