Tomorrow Saturday June 13 is the Caramel Roll Ride

It’s going to be  a beautiful day for our 16th Annual Caramel Roll Ride!   Come and join us for “a sweet roll on a sweet trail!”

We think it’s one of the best rides on one of the best trails in Minnesota!  Join us for great ride and enjoy some of the best caramel rolls anywhere!  We have the usual heathy rest stop staples … water and fruit … along with Caramel Rolls and Lemonade!

It doesn’t get much better than this… a fun ride… great trail … good sweet treats!  That’s Lake Wobegon Trails Country hospitality for you!

Hope to  see you there tomorrow… you can register at the event beginning at 8am at the Albany MN trailhead (400 Railroad Ave, Albany MN 56307)

For more details about the ride go to  Online registrations closed last night at midnight but you register tomorrow morning and it’s going to be a beautiful day so come and enjoy the day!

Happy Trails!  Cliff


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