Article in St Cloud Times on LWT Blue Heron Rookery

Check out the article about the Blue Heron Rookery on the Lake Wobegon Trail in the St Cloud Times Woods and Water section today.…/pop-rookeries-great-blue…/30307381/

I took Ann Wessel and Dave Schwartz for hike in the Avon Hills Forest
SNA a couple weeks ago to show them the Blue Heron Rookery I found last year while hiking. They wrote the article and published pictures of our hike.

These beautilful birds are fun to watch. They can be seen hunting fish and other food in area lakes and streams. There was a huge Rookery located between Cold Spring and Richmond for many years until it was abandoned over 20 years ago.

While they are fun and interesting to see they don’t particularly like to have people invading their nesting areas so just satisfy your interest by watching the herons as they fly near the trail or hunt for food at the nearby lakes, ponds, meadows and streams along the trail.

They also hunt gophers apparently as evidenced by this video showing a Blue Heron stalking a gopher and catching it.

Happy Trails! Cliff

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