All New Mobile Website – Trail Guide

Be sure to check out the All New Mobile Trail Guide for Lake Wobegon Trails!

Trailhead Information has been expanded to include Osakis, West Union, Bowlus, Blanchard Dam and Hwy 10 Royalton. Each Trailhead now includes a photo gallery of highlights of the area. Special connection maps have been added to Trailheads that have parks away from the trail or additional spurs have been added to the trail. The galleries include more than 100 never before posted images of the trail’s most scenic locations. Community and Historical Links are also added. A New Google Maps Trailhead section that uses the Google API to jump to each trailhead location, add a satellite layer to view surroundings.

Also a great new YouTube Slideshow has been added that you can view at:

Also a new Marker to Marker Slideshow has been reconfigured for mobile devices moving the viewer across the trail terrain to each half-mile marker.

There is also a regional Festivals and Events Directory that is one of the most comprehensive listings of Church Bazaars, Town Celebrations, Music Concerts and more. This is included as many may wish to use the trail to get to crowded overpacked events, and others may wish to avoid rides through such areas on those days.

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